Sunday, January 13, 2013

this just in: reva........

Experimenting and pushing myself outside my comfort zone. Two things I'm focusing on this year, life is too short to not try something new. I've started in a very small and some might say slightly superficial way. Although anyone who knows me knows shoes ain't superficial.
Reva by Wittner is not usually the sort of shoe I'd buy. A square chunky heel, a kind of flatform low heel hybrid and a thick ankle strap? And all on the one shoe?
Normally I'd skip straight past, but when I first spied the Reva online a couple of weeks ago, I was instantly smitten. She had something that Reva, something I was drawn too. Maybe it's the nineties vibe, maybe it's the studs, maybe it's just a sign that I'm finally maturing and so then is my taste in shoes.
So many maybes, when all that really matters is Reva is now chilling out at my place and we're getting along famously.


Shoes: Reva by Wittner


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