Sunday, February 10, 2013

february streetstyle faves........

Can't believe it got to February 10th before I posted my streetstyle faves. I'm blaming Instagram and NYFW, combined they have helped me wile away numerous hours over the past week.
Anyway there appears to be a lot of jackets here, which is bizarre because it's the middle of summer right now and I've barely touched one of my jackets for the past month. I wonder if Instagram and NYFW are to blame for this too. Maybe all that snow in New York is making me subconsciously think of wrapping up warm, even though I've got a good month or more before I need to be worrying about that.
But hey I guess it's good to be prepared right. As summer eases up over here I should start thinking of snapping up coats from my favourite northern hemisphere online shops, catch them on sale and all. The early bird gets the worm apparently, I wouldn't know. I try to spend most of my early mornings sleeping. Maybe I'll start using them to shop online instead.


Lee Oliveira/Jak&Jil


  1. Holy Molyyy!!! Need those haha lovely post!



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