Monday, February 25, 2013

lfw fall 2013.......

London is probably my favourite of the fashion weeks. To me it's the experimental underground of fashion. The place where edges are pushed and talent is fostered.
Hence why I have over a hundred images of favourite looks saved to my macbook.
I briefly considered just uploading them all here, throwing a virtual bucketful of London Fashion Week over your head. But then I remembered that I really like you folks!
So I'm just sharing some of my very very favourite looks here instead.

Boxy tops and flippy skirts. That could be the name of some ridiculously cool indie rock band, but it's not. Well not too my knowledge anyway, please let me know if you know of or are in a band by that name, I'll happily throw in a link for you.
Back to London, there was a plethora, (I do love that word!) of these looks. And I'm sightly enamoured, especially with Christopher Kane's take. He also showed a delightful camouflage version.
From left to right Antonio Beradi, Topshop Unique and Christopher Kane.

The statement coat was another favourite out of London. Actually on reflection I quite enjoyed the coat-age at New York. This despite the fact I live in sunny Australia, I think I'm secretly a northern hemisphere-er at heart. I have the skin tone for it anyway.
Starting at left, Joseph. Big Joseph fan, and this black and white number is ticking all my boxes. Wow that sounded a little weird.
Moving on, Christopher Kane. This surely doesn't need words, but I'm going to give it some anyway. Textured camouflage. Yep, that's right. Just ponder on that.
Viviene Westwood is always on the money, and this stunner is no exception.
And Burberry of course. How could one write about London and coats and not include them, well this one simply could not. Especially when Christopher Bailey is sending out leopard arms. Leopard arms!

The colour, the masculine feel, the colour. Paul Smith nailed it. The cut of the trousers certainly has a masculine feel, but they're also decidedly modern and feminine, though that might in part be due to the brilliant colours.
There was more colour, blue and orange and also a very sweet tweed. The oversized coats were a bonus and the use of digital prints was another winner.
Frankly after the black and grey that has been so prevalent at both London and New York it was refreshing to see a pop of bright.

And lastly, but certainly not least. Ashish.
Stumbled across their show on and loved it. Designer Ashish Gupta was inspired by construction workers, these construction workers however differ slightly from the norm with their predilection for sequins.
And while the bright orange sequined safety vest might not be a goer for everyone, the houndstooth and denim certainly are. And the sequined orange pants are just a little cool. 




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