Sunday, March 24, 2013

did you denim what I did?.........

The denim dress. A strange piece of cloth that conjures many a simultaneous fashion dream and nightmare, at least in my mind. Bogan pride and extreme western spring to mind.
Is the denim dress really this loved? And if so, why has it been so long since I've gazed at one in 'real' life? As all good writers do, I started with a Google search. The internet has all the answers after all.
And this is what I've discovered.
Topshop has no less then thirty one denim dresses for sale, ASOS over forty and Net-A-Porter none.
There are millions of mentions online and many more photos. The double denim worn by Britney and Justin will never be ok. Kate Bosworth can really rock a denim dress. And there is at least one strange person who is making denim wedding dresses, embroidered ones no less.
Oh and Google really wants to me to look up denim overalls.
After this extensive research, I've come to the conclusion that the denim dress is like the wallflower of the fashion world. Always drifting around the edges but never really hitting the heights of say leather jackets.
And then something strange happened, while stalking the A/W shows I found a handful of denim dresses from the likes of Jen Kao and Rachel Comey.

Ashish and Jen Kao went with patchwork denim, A Detacher dark denim and Rachel Comey gave us a little peplum magic in a pale wash. It all makes me wonder, with the plethora of options available from top retailers and this, while small, decidedly spirited take on the trend, is the denim dress heading mainstream? Is everyone going to rock it?  Are you?


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