Thursday, March 21, 2013

shoes, shoes and a few more shoes........

The title of this post really says it all.
We're on shoes again folks.
While the fancy frocks, cute coats and dashing dungarees (I have no real evidence to back up the 'dashing dungarees' statement, I was just indulging in a spot of alliteration) are given the serious once over I sometimes feel the chunks of leather and rubber and wood those long legged ones stalk the runways on are not so much forgotten as glossed over.
But as my love of shoes is comparable to no other, save maybe Violets love of chewing gum, sneaky Charlie and the Chocolate Factory reference right there, I figured I'd give them some attention.
So I've collated some of my favourite shoe looks/trends right here.

Ahh metallics, you devil you. The A/W shoes proved fairly conclusively that we're going to be getting our shine on for a little while yet. And what better place to get all gleaming and glossy than on our feet. The mixed metal boot by Thakoon is equal parts trash and treasure, aren't we all. And this pewter pump by Jil Sander has a dash of a vintage feel clashing just beautifully with the decidedly thick heel.

Part heel, or in Stella McCartney's case part oddly attractive all white loafer, and part work boot. The work boot part being the very chunky rubber heel, obviously. Imagine the possible impressions you could make in sand, mud and that old favourite, wet concrete. Of course the the sole (soul) is not necessarily the only reason to swing either of these bad boys onto your feet. That whole I mean business with this amount of rubber thing is also a valid reason.

What's a shoe without a liberal dose of decoration? Versace and Saint Laurent are on the more is definitely more train and that train is on the right track. The whole white western thing, which could be incredibly dated veers into much radder territory with the addition of some artfully arranged studs. And now western is rad. Over at Saint Laurent it was more a case of I dropped a magnet on the floor and all this shiny stuff stuck to it, so I stuck that on the front of these shoes. And given the rest of this collection, that could actually be what happened. Regardless of how this one came to be, I'm loving it.

And finally my two standouts. The Phillip Lim boot features some of my favourites, knee high boot, chunky heel and buckle. But to just totally mess shit up, Lim ripped off the top of the shoe, exposing the footsies and adding some contrasting black straps. Clearly a genius.
And of course Alexander Wang on the left. I can't decide if I love these shoes absolutely or hate them resolutely. I'm going to ponder that a little longer.



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