Sunday, June 30, 2013

a girl can dream: june...........

yves saint laurent saint laurent blazer tweed the kirby beeThe Ain't Laurent Without Yves pun is one I find incredibly amusing. I have a not so secret love of a good pun and this one ranks pretty high, right up there with Celine Me Alone. Too funny.

Anyway, why am I discussing Saint Laurent puns?

Because if, like me, you regularly stalk online haunts like NAP, you would have noticed the killer blazers from Hedi dropping this past week.

Like this ah-mazing metallic jacquard or this cotton blend velvet or perhaps even this leather trimmed wool gabardine. All excellent, all gorgeous no doubt.

yves saint laurent saint laurent blazer tweed the kirby bee
Myself? I've been lusting after this Shetland herringbone wool blazer. Mainly because of those suede elbow patches. I have just a slight obsession with elbow patches, be they suede or leather. Plus it's herringbone and we all know how I feel about tweed. Hashtag love.



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