Tuesday, May 08, 2012

stories and memories.......

Today while doing my usual Bloglovin check, I read a post on Style by Kling about a new 
Isabel Marant watch. It’s based on a watch that was owned by Marant’s father, 
one that she still wears now, ten years after his passing.

It got me thinking about those pieces in our wardrobes that have stories, that bring back memories, 
that are more then just a dress or a pair of shoes or in Marant’s case a watch.

I have a few of those things in my wardrobe, and whenever I wear them or even just pull them out, 
I can feel that memory, I can imagine where they’ve been.

The bridesmaid dress I wore to my brother’s wedding last year, very happy memories!!

My vintage red heels, whenever I pull them out, I like to imagine who bought them,
why they did and where the shoes have been!!

A necklace handed down from my great grandmother is quite sentimental, 
whenever I wear it I always think of her and of my family. 
I take it away with me when I travel, so a little piece of my family comes with me.

I’m sure I’ll collect more of these pieces and I look forward to doing so,
 and having a wardrobe full of stories and memories!!

Do you have any pieces like this in your wardrobe??