Friday, January 04, 2013

my friend cue.......

Finally posting some pictures of the newest addition to my wardrobe. Meet Cue! (I know you guys have briefly met before, but please consider this your official meeting). I can see my little Cue and I having a long and happy life together.

There we are wandering the streets of Melbourne sipping green tea and exploring the little laneways.

And again in New York, strolling through Central Park.

 And again hanging out in vintage stores in London.

There we are spending a weekend of fine food and fun in Auckland.

Travelling the world together, we'll be so close we can finish each others outfits, I'll know all of Cue's secrets and they'll be witness to all mine. We'll be together for all life's big moments. First purchase of ridiculously expensive shoes, first horrible dry cleaning experience, first piece of Rick Owens, like I said, all the big ones.
Sure we'll have our moments, I'll get over seeing Cue all the time, and Cue won't always want to play nice with the rest of my wardrobe. Times like that Cue will know to wedge themselves between a well worn pair of Lee jeans and a super soft tee and ride out the storm. They'll know that at some point, hours, days, even weeks later, I'll come back to them. We'll be reunited and all will be forgiven. 
We'll age together gracefully, both fraying and greying at the edges, until we have the worn in comfortable look that is so abhorred and desired at the same time.

Life doesn't give you those sorts of relationships very often, so I plan on treasuring this one. Which is code for expect repeat appearances.


p.s. Please excuse my ridiculous photoshop work, it's been incredibly hot today and I'm feeling a little delirious and this is the result. I promise to post the real pictures soon.