About Me

The nuts and bolts - I'm a twenty-something (more of the something and less of the twenty) Australian based writer, student and lover of stories. Real ones, imaginary ones, ones that make you think and ones that make you feel. And right here you'll find my somewhat distorted and ever-evolving world view and my often strange words. My favourite books are the dictionary and the thesaurus. 

Does anyone else think that the word thesaurus sounds like a dinosaur? Nope, just me. Ok. 

I talk about books. I talk about writing. I talk about travel. I talk about fashion. I talk about bits and pieces of my world. 

I originally began this adventure under the guise of a 'fashion blog', but my interests and thoughts - and consequently my words - more often than not find themselves well outside the realm of fashion and trends and the dissection of my own personal style - something that is distinctly TBA. Hence, this is not a fashion blog. It's a words blog <<< I'm keeping that. 

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