Wednesday, May 29, 2013

how i'd wear: the printed tee......

The beauty of a white or black tee is second to none, but there is something really rad about a printed tee. And not just something with a collection of words, or a single word, printed on it, I'm talking a full colour extravaganza.

Even better if said extravaganza depicts some other wordly scene with leopards and planes and flowers and ferris wheels. How can you not like a tee with a hot air balloon on it?

When I fell upon, figuratively speaking of course, this glorious printed goodness from Emma Cook on my-wardrobe I was instantly drawn to it. It's almost like one of those paintings, you know the type where the longer you look at it the more you see.

Cook, a Central Saint Martin graduate, is producing some pretty amazing and ridiculously fun prints. Check out her gear here, here and here.  

But right now, check out how I'd wear this printed extravaganza of radness.

Polished and casually urban at the same time. This black and white blazer an absolute gem from Forever New is the best of both worlds and the perfect backdrop for the colour in the tee. It, combined with the poppin' red clutch from Supermuse take care of the polish. And the torn up denim and Converse high tops have the urban casual vibe covered. Add the mirrored sunnies from ASOS and that geek beanie again, obsessed clearly, and you're ready for streetstyle fame. 

So the Balmain leather jacket may be aspirational, but swap it out for whatever leather gem is chilling in your wardrobe and you're halfway to creating this killer look. The floral patchwork on these Current Elliott boyfriend jeans is a nice clash with the print on the tee. Yes you can have nice clashes. As you might be aware, I own these brilliant Wittner shoes, so I'm clearly a big fan. I like the look of a low chunky heel with a boyfriend jean, unexpected but it works. Add some bright pops of colour with this fringed ASOS bag and coral Topshop sunnies and you're good to go.

Did you really think you'd get a How I'd Wear without a denim shirt? Oh that's funny!
This particular dark wash is from Topshop and works brilliantly with both the printed tee and the white skirt. The Acne clutch is a stunner, but swap it out for any other black clutch or cross body that you have and it'll work just as well. Couldn't go past the Tony Bianco boot, there is something about a skater skirt and an ankle boot that I'm really digging this winter. Add some Sheriff & Cherry sunnies and some very cool gold skull earrings and you've got this look covered.

Now just in case you aren't quite at the spending $300 bucks on a tee stage here are some equally cool options from Topshop here and here. Some stunners from ASOS here and here and from Forever New here.



Tuesday, May 21, 2013

thoughts on advanced style......

My Nan is seventy seven years old. And she rocks. She has one of the most impressive jewellery collections I've ever seen and a story to go with every piece. She once found, yes found, a diamond ring in a car park. She has no less then four wardrobes, and is the best colour co-ordinator I know. She still puts on her lipstick to go out, and gets her hair done regularly. It's now a very on trend shade of grey.

Why all the talk about my Nan? Well I got to thinking about her after I discovered Ari Seth Cohen's blog, Advanced Style, a few weeks ago now.

advanced style the kirby bee
Advanced Style is, according to Cohen, a blog about capturing the sartorial savvy of the senior set. The blog, which Cohen launched in 2008, has the New York based photographer snapping pics of women, (and some men), aged from 60 to 100. And has resulted in a book, published in 2012, as well as a documentary, (funded through Kickstarter), which is hitting the film festival circuit this year.

Pretty impressive, but there's more. Cohen collaborated with Coach earlier this year in a project that paired some of his regulars with bloggers Man Repeller, Susie Bubble and FrouFrou in some pretty cool videos. And perhaps most impressive of all is the Karen Walker campaign that featured Ilona Royce, Linda Rodin, Joyce Carpati and Lynn Dell, all Advanced Style regulars. If you haven't seen the campaign, check it out here.

advanced style the kirby bee one

advanced style the kirby bee two

advanced style the kirby bee three
Cohen has a special affinity with these styling seniors, and it shows not only in the way this blog was established, but also in his continuing desire, and success, in showcasing these gorgeous and incredibly interesting people to the world.

After trawling Advanced Style's archives and pondering the wonderful women, (and men), that he shoots, some quite regularly, I had a few thoughts bubbling away and wanted to share.

I don't think it matters how old or young you are, what you're wearing or not wearing, what matters is having the confidence to get up in the morning and say yeah today I feel like wearing a tartan skirt suit and then doing it. Style doesn't require membership of a specific age bracket or geographical location. Style is the physical representation of our personalities, so why should it change as we get older?

If anything it should get better, the older we get the more we know about who and what we are. The more comfortable we feel in our own skin, surely that means the more comfortable we feel wearing pretty much whatever the hell we want. And if that's turbans and false eyelashes, hand knitted jumpers and vintage YSL tartan then more power to us. Some of these women are hitting ninety and they're styling!

Our society is so youth focused that it's incredibly refreshing to see the world through the eyes, and style, of someone who has actually lived in it for more then two decades.

Franky I'm looking forward to getting older. I plan on being that crazy lady with a million shoes, like a cat lady but with no cats. The one who refuses to give up her skinny jeans and mens shirts, regardless of how on trend they may or may not be in fifty years. And I'll probably still be wearing a fringe. Maybe Ari will take my picture, I'll keep my fingers crossed for that one.



Sunday, May 19, 2013

scarf it up........

scarf it up knitted scarf the kirby bee
scarf it up knitted scarf the kirby bee one
My mum knitted me this scarf. Not to get all sentimental but it holds a special place in my heart. Right next to the Phoenix Suns hat, (I was a huge Charles Barkley fan, despite never playing or really watching basketball, weird I know), she bought and let me wear every single day when I was ten years old.

She's a keeper my Mum.

She whipped this gorgeous thing up for me a few years back, after having done something similiar, albeit slightly shorter, for my sister. Of course me being me I wanted it ridiculously long, (it clocks in at just a smidgeon under 250cm, winning!), and that's exactly what I got.

Of course along with it's crazy length, it also weighs a shitload. Did not consider that so obvious consequence when I made my request. Sometimes I just get blinded by the fashion, you know.

I'm actually what you might call a scarf enthusiast. Though my quite smallish collection probably contradicts that, I do love a good scarf, or even a not so good one, it's all in how you wear it.

scarf it up knitted scarf the kirby bee inspiration
Wrap it, drape it, fold it, weave it, round and round until you are just ever so slightly at risk of strangulation. At that point you know you're on the right track.

Happy scarfing!

Unless of course you're in the northern hemisphere, then maybe bookmark this post for a few months time. Or not, feel free to scarf it up in the middle of summer.


pics: streetpeeper

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

label love: kahlo.......

For a label that is barely two years old, Kahlo is impressive. Founded by good friends Sydney stylist Rachelle Sinclair and Fay Ogunbadejo in early 2011, there is just something inherently cool about Kahlo.

Maybe it's the extensive use of leather, never a bad thing. Maybe it's the pared back colour palette, all blacks and browns and white. Maybe it's just Kahlo. The label has an understated aesthetic that belies the clever design. Simple silhouettes, luxe fabrics and gorgeous finishes, it's the perfect mix. Even better, it's all manufactured in Australia.

Neither Sinclair or Ogunbadejo have any formal fashion design training, not that it matters. These ladies clearly know their stuff. What they're making is pieces that will sit comfortably in your wardrobe without dating. Even better, they're doing it at price points that aren't going to burn a giant hole in your credit card.

Their most recent collection at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week earlier this year riffed on the leather theme again, though the shapes felt a little more evolved this time. There were some mixed textures, something I'm big on, asymmetric hemlines and killer crop tops, with some pretty fierce menswear inspired pieces too.

label love kahlo the kirby bee leather mercedes benz fashion week sydney
label love kahlo the kirby bee leather mercedes benz fashion week sydney two

Big fan of the white looks. Especially that white zippered dress, which also came in black and brown, sure to be a hit amongst fans, both new and old alike.

The separates however where the standouts for me. I think, in fact I know, it's because of the versatility of the pieces. Take any one of them and see how easily it slots into your current wardrobe.

The denim look cape type number in the middle is practically screaming my name, you can hear it too right? I can imagine it with a tropical print high waisted skirt and maybe a leather tee, maybe even that tan number above, which also comes in black. See how easy that was?

Check out the rest of the collection right here.

And more Kahlo goodness right here.


p.s. you're welcome!

Pics: Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

Sunday, May 05, 2013

currently crushing: gumboots.........

Yes gumboots. An unusual choice for a shoe lover? Well I'm an equal opportunity shoe lover, there's no discrimination around here. If you're a pretty, fun loving, sexy, scary, crazy, hot or ridiculous shoe, or even a combination of some or all of these qualities, you are always welcome.

Now that's established let's talk rubber on our feet.

Rainboots, gummies, wellies, rubberboots, topboots, gumbies, wellies or Alaskan sneakers, whatever you choose to call them, (I choose gumbies), they are a lot of fun. I say fun because I associate the wearing of gumbies with two things. Rain soaked mud filled music festivals and jumping in puddles. Both excellent ways to spend your time.

Now any serious gumbie connoisseur will know that Hunter is the boss of gumboots, though they call them wellingtons. They make them in every colour you could imagine, I'm talking pink and blue and metallic with both a tall version and a short. So the hardest part about this search was not so much finding the gumboots as resisting the urge to just put a big ass link to the Hunter website here and leave it at that.

I managed to resist that urge, though I have included a couple of Hunters, they're just too damn cool.

the kirby bee currently crushing gumboots wellingtons hunter burberry

Now if you're not ready to jump head long into the gumboot wearing life why not try it out, dip your toes in with these black ankle boots by Mel, they even have little bows on the side, too cute. Or the bright red kicks from Topshop. Both are under a hundy so if you find you are actually adverse to jumping in puddles, (as crazy as that sounds) at least you won't have burned a hole in your wallet.

Right at the other end of the wallet burning scale, weighing in at $400 a pop, the shiny black Burberry rubber and twill wellington might not be at the top of your list, (they're at the top of mine!), but if you're serious about either music festivals or puddle jumping they're a sure bet.

The burgundy babes from Topshop have a lovely little ribbon to tie up, that's a gumboot accessory folks, that's the future.

And of course the Hunters. The dark green gumbies are a traditionalists dream. Plus they're styling so two ticks for them. The bright turquoise are just fun right? Even if there were no puddles or mud filled music festivals to be found you'd still be having a great time.

And lastly the gold Hunters are not only ridiculous, (in a gorgeous amazing way), they're also a ridiculous price on The Outnet right now.