Sunday, May 19, 2013

scarf it up........

scarf it up knitted scarf the kirby bee
scarf it up knitted scarf the kirby bee one
My mum knitted me this scarf. Not to get all sentimental but it holds a special place in my heart. Right next to the Phoenix Suns hat, (I was a huge Charles Barkley fan, despite never playing or really watching basketball, weird I know), she bought and let me wear every single day when I was ten years old.

She's a keeper my Mum.

She whipped this gorgeous thing up for me a few years back, after having done something similiar, albeit slightly shorter, for my sister. Of course me being me I wanted it ridiculously long, (it clocks in at just a smidgeon under 250cm, winning!), and that's exactly what I got.

Of course along with it's crazy length, it also weighs a shitload. Did not consider that so obvious consequence when I made my request. Sometimes I just get blinded by the fashion, you know.

I'm actually what you might call a scarf enthusiast. Though my quite smallish collection probably contradicts that, I do love a good scarf, or even a not so good one, it's all in how you wear it.

scarf it up knitted scarf the kirby bee inspiration
Wrap it, drape it, fold it, weave it, round and round until you are just ever so slightly at risk of strangulation. At that point you know you're on the right track.

Happy scarfing!

Unless of course you're in the northern hemisphere, then maybe bookmark this post for a few months time. Or not, feel free to scarf it up in the middle of summer.


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