Tuesday, May 07, 2013

label love: kahlo.......

For a label that is barely two years old, Kahlo is impressive. Founded by good friends Sydney stylist Rachelle Sinclair and Fay Ogunbadejo in early 2011, there is just something inherently cool about Kahlo.

Maybe it's the extensive use of leather, never a bad thing. Maybe it's the pared back colour palette, all blacks and browns and white. Maybe it's just Kahlo. The label has an understated aesthetic that belies the clever design. Simple silhouettes, luxe fabrics and gorgeous finishes, it's the perfect mix. Even better, it's all manufactured in Australia.

Neither Sinclair or Ogunbadejo have any formal fashion design training, not that it matters. These ladies clearly know their stuff. What they're making is pieces that will sit comfortably in your wardrobe without dating. Even better, they're doing it at price points that aren't going to burn a giant hole in your credit card.

Their most recent collection at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week earlier this year riffed on the leather theme again, though the shapes felt a little more evolved this time. There were some mixed textures, something I'm big on, asymmetric hemlines and killer crop tops, with some pretty fierce menswear inspired pieces too.

label love kahlo the kirby bee leather mercedes benz fashion week sydney
label love kahlo the kirby bee leather mercedes benz fashion week sydney two

Big fan of the white looks. Especially that white zippered dress, which also came in black and brown, sure to be a hit amongst fans, both new and old alike.

The separates however where the standouts for me. I think, in fact I know, it's because of the versatility of the pieces. Take any one of them and see how easily it slots into your current wardrobe.

The denim look cape type number in the middle is practically screaming my name, you can hear it too right? I can imagine it with a tropical print high waisted skirt and maybe a leather tee, maybe even that tan number above, which also comes in black. See how easy that was?

Check out the rest of the collection right here.

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Pics: Mercedes Benz Fashion Week