Thursday, August 30, 2012

this just in: now that's a statement.......

Let me tell you a little story.
It starts with a young woman, ok it's me, doing a little shopping, killing time with a friend before dinner,
when I spot this AMAZING necklace, glorious in it's extravagance
and colour and sparkle. But I showed incredible restraint and didn't buy the necklace!

A few more weeks pass, in that time I have told just about everyone I know about the necklace and how spectacular it is. Finally I decided, to hell with it, I'm gonna get me that necklace!
I jumped online, while simultaneously whipping out the trusty credit card,
and much to my horror I find the necklace is sold out online!!
What's a girl to do but head to the land of the sold out, discontinued line and seasons past.......Ebay!
Miraculously, in a turn of events clearly planned by the fashion gods themselves, I found the necklace, in brand new condition, never worn! So I swooped in and snapped it up and sighed a very large sigh of relief.
A few days later the necklace lands in the mailbox and I am deliriously happy.

The End!

And what's the moral of this story dear readers, if you find something that you love,
and not just kind of fond of love, but real all encompassing love then you NEED to get it!
Lest you find yourself in the same situation as me!

In the interest of good storytelling here is the necklace at the centre of this drama.


Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Just a few instagram snaps from the past few weeks.......

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Sunday, August 05, 2012

currently crushing: bam! pow!........

Vintage Batman and Robin, does it get any better?
That was a rhetorical questions folks, I just know it can't.
I seriously wish life came with such colourful shots of BAM! and POW! and KERPLASH!, tell me that wouldn't make doing whatever it is you have to do sooooo much easier and just more fun, and we love our fun over here.

Which brings me to my current crush/obsession/desire to own.......
Phillip Lim is the shit right now, his graphic prints are amazingly incredibly awesome!!!

And while Lim's prints are inspired by American pop artist Roy Lichtenstein and not Batman and Robin, I personally like my bam's and pow's to be delivered accompanied by a grey bodysuit and a black cape and a sidekick in forest green short shorts of course, you know cause we're all about fun!! 
And what is more fun than a bodysuit and cape?? Or a sidekick in short shorts??
(another two rhetorical questions, the answer to both of which is nothing just FYI) 
Happy Sunday!!