"My Grandfather was born in Coalisland, a small town in County Tyrone, Northern Ireland in 1933. He emigrated to Australia in the early fifties. He died nearly eighteen years ago. I know these facts about him but I never really knew him. I have one memory that gets fuzzier as time goes by - the edges are becoming smoother, and the sounds and smells are long gone."

SPOOK Magazine - Fashion & The Roller-Coaster Reality of Life 

We’ve been using fashion as a means of communication and self expression for as long as we’ve been draping our bodies in fabrics. But fashion is more than just a tool to convey information or tell the world something about yourself, it’s also a way to deal with the roller-coaster of emotions that is the reality of life. Our sartorial choices have an innate ability to help us navigate that sometimes treacherous space between where we are and where we want to be. 

SPOOK Magazine - Fashion's Dirt Secret: The True Cost of What We Wear

"Fashion may be a $3 trillion dollar a year industry that employs more than 40 million people across the world, but it’s also the second biggest polluting industry in the world and, increasingly, a lethal one to work in. The True Cost, a new documentary focusing on the fast fashion industry shines a harrowing light on an industry that has for too long hidden from asking itself one simple question. What is the true cost of the fashion we consume?"

Writers Bloc - Literary Cities: Dublin

I arrived in Dublin on a cold and grey Monday afternoon. Heavy clouds lingered overhead, threatening to spill their contents onto the streets below. I’d done my research - well, I’d done some research - I had a list of places I wanted to see and the week stretched out before me. My new Irish passport, its pages unmarked and its spine uncreased, was tucked into my small black bag; the physical embodiment of my tenuous connection to the city and its rich literary history. As I waited for a taxi, I pressed the bag to my belly.