Thursday, April 24, 2014

turn it inside out and check yo labels.......

fashion revolution day on Make A Gif

In honour of today, Fashion Revolution Day, I made a gif. 

After I turned my threads inside out and asked myself Who Made My Clothes?

Today is an important day; for reasons I've previously outlined here, here and here

But tomorrow is important, too. And so is the next day and the one after that and a whole bunch more days that are on their way. 

Because while the interest in knowing who is behind the fashion we wear is high today, what's important is not to forget. To remember that transparent supply chains, living wages and safe working conditions aren't just something for us - and the people who make our clothes - to hope for, they are something we should demand from the brands we choose to hand over our money to. 

People should not lose their lives, their health, or a place to live simply because we want to buy a cheap t-shirt. 

kb xx

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