Thursday, August 14, 2014

the ban: one month in

It feels just a little strange to be discussing my self-imposed sartorial ban after talking about the realities of depression only two days ago. But, lucky for me, this is my space and I'm privileged to do with it what I choose.

So. It's been a whole month since I banned myself from any sartorial purchases. Thirty-one days (give or take) of avoiding Net-A-Porter and My Wardrobe. Thirty-one days (give or take) of walking past ridiculous sales. Thirty-one days (give or take - you get the gist right?) of trying to ignore that little voice inside my head that says, 'Hey, you know what you really need to make this look sing? That (insert garment here) from (insert online store here).'

To be honest, I've hardly noticed. True, I've been so consumed with uni and work and plans for a soon-to-be adventure that is now only months away (arghhh!) that I've barely considered all the sale steals I've missed or the new season threads I've avoided. I can count on one hand the number of times I've visited ASOS this month - once in case you were wondering - and I left without even adding to my, admittedly already exhaustive, wish list.

What is interesting about placing yourself on a sartorial purchases ban is how quickly thoughts of buying dissipate and how many hours you can claim back that once would have been spent trawling online (and offline) stores. Of course it helps that I've removed myself from the one million odd newsletters I was subscribed too. Removing temptation and all that.

I'm certain as these four weeks spin into eight and then three months and then four that it will get harder to keep my credit card in my pocket and my cash in my bank account. Once an addict, always an addict, isn't that how it goes? And cold-turkey is supposed to be the hardest way to quit - I've always wondered why it's called cold turkey, adding that to my list of questions to Google. But I'm determined to make it through to the new year without having added anything new to my wardrobe - op shop purchases are permissible owing to the whole not new thing. And despite the fact that I'm only one month in and that I'm sure it will get more difficult, I'm quietly confident that I'll be crowing come January - with nary a new garment in sight. Famous last words?

kb xx