Tuesday, November 25, 2014

this week #6

So it's been a while since I did one of these posts. I'd like to be one of those bloggers that post regularly. Something about regularity feels comforting. But, I'm not that person. I get distracted by reading book after book and scratching down sentences and paragraphs of my own; and by copying snippets of interesting conversation I overhear into my composition book and taking screenshots of things that feel important, until I come across them days later and wonder why I felt that way. 

I get distracted sucking squares of dark chocolate until they melt into nothingness and all I'm left with is the slightly bitter taste on my tongue. I get distracted drinking tea, mixing my Sencha with my Irish Breakfast and my Marrakech with my China Jasmine and it's perfect. I get distracted by the afternoon sunshine streaming through my window, and I close my eyes enjoying the light and the warmth.

Apart from the distraction, I get so hung up about posting something 'good' that I don't post anything. And then, inevitably, when I don't post I get anxious about not posting. It's a vicious circle. And a strange one at that. 

Here are a few things from this week. And maybe one or two from the week before.

The Electronic Encyclopedia of Experimental Literature is exactly what is sounds like - you'll get lost, but it'll be that good kind of lost, where you aren't worried you're just soaking up the experience, watching the sky change colour and the hours move and feeling like you're in the right spot. Finally.  

The Art of Plating: Food as something more than just nourishment, more than just sugars and carbohydrates and fats and sodium. It's kind of beautiful, no?

The case for finishing every book you start. - Still debating the merits of this theory with myself. Do I have to, really? Every single book? I'm not convinced. 

Sometimes you travel for the experiences, the sights and smells, the people whose stories you discover, other times you travel for the artisan cheese: the men you meet on a cross country road trip.

kb xx