Wednesday, December 18, 2013

no more faking it.......

My legs are so pale that you could conceivably be standing kilometres away from me, and still make out the spindly blue veins that creep under my skin. A combination of my English heritage and a childhood spent with my nose stuffed between the pages of a book and not outside in the blistering Australian sun, means my legs, and in fact all of me, are a lovely pale shade of white.

For a lot of years now, I’ve conformed to the idea that a tan makes you look better. A golden glow makes you look thinner, healthier, happier etc. etc. etc. And all that time spent in spray tan booths, slathering on foams and creams and lotions, and smelling like some kind of weird chemical coconut is worth it. Just to achieve the skin of a bronzed goddess, albeit a short one - with red hair.

But this year, I quit.

This year I’m throwing out all the fake tan crap that has accumulated in my bathroom, I’m leaving the golden glows and bronze goddesses behind. I’m embracing my ghostly shade.

I’m white baby, real white and I’m ok with it.

Just think, this summer I’ll have so much free time. Time I would have spent faking it. Imagine how normal my palms will look? How stain free my linen will be? Imagine a bathroom that doesn’t smell like drug lab run by coconuts?

Oh bliss.

This year, I’m going to learn to love the skin I was born with, freckles, visible veins and so pale it blinds your eyes. Because, who the fuck decided pale white kids with red hair weren’t cool?

kb xx