Tuesday, December 31, 2013


I considered inserting one of those pointless, long-winded, and mostly self serving recaps of 2013 (the sort that are no doubt littering your various social media feeds like leftover beer cans after a raucous party) right here. But I don’t want people, meaning you, to despise me. Plus my memory of anything past the last few months is shady at best, and my predisposition to laziness precludes me from searching archives or inboxes and pressing load more tweets.

I considered posting a picture of the rather large mug I intend to consume vodka out of this evening, combining it with a simple HNY (that’s happy new year for the uninitiated) and pretending it was an actual form of communication and expression. But I’m not sure promoting the ingestion of a large amount of liquid of the Russian variety is in the spirit of what I’m doing here. Plus I just like the sound of my own words too much.

Then, despite the fact that I've historically been steadfastly the non-resolution type, I considered posting a list of resolutions. I actually wrote out a few before it occurred to me that resolving to not make resolutions seemed counter-productive. The remainder of them included buying an Acne denim shirt, and saying yes more - unless the answer was no or I really didn’t want to say yes. See counter-productive.

Having exhausted these quality ideas, here, instead, is what I learnt this year...

Everything looks better on Instagram

Figuring it out as you go along is a perfect substitute for a plan

Peanut M&M’s are infinitely better than regular M&M’s

And often, people will make assumptions about you that belittle who you are and what you want to do, the trick is to not give a fuck about what they think

That’s it. See you on the flip-side...


kb xx