Sunday, March 16, 2014

how to pose with vogue.......

Yes, I know this is the second time Lena Dunham has appeared in this space this month. I would apologise, but frankly my appreciation/fascination/obsession with Girls lingers still, and so anything remotely connected to the show, and to Dunham herself, is such a fucking win - I'm not even sorry. Not even sorry not sorry, just point blank not sorry.

And how on earth could I be expected to apologise for this?

Hamish Bowles - the most dapper man ever - and the inimitable Dunham preparing for a Vogue cover shoot by dancing the poses.

The Kate, the Naomi, the Twiggy - who wouldn't trust Hamish to prep you for a cover shoot. Shalom it out, people!

Dunham's Vogue cover shoot was perhaps the most speculated about and discussed ever. And I'm going out on a limb here, albeit a strong one, but I'd say it's probably the only one to have $10K bounty placed on its untouched head.

And while the cover, and the corresponding editorial were great, this video trumps both. Not just because I can actually imagine Hannah calling Hamish Bowles and admitting that she just doesn't know how to pose. And then I can imagine Anna sending Hamish over toot-sweet to sort that out - with a dance no less.

But also because in the incredibly unlikely event that my mug will ever grace the cover of anything that is not my Facebook page, at least there is something that will help my posing problems - I mean you've seen my pictures here right? I swear those sunglasses aren't surgically attached to my face.

kb xx