Thursday, July 24, 2014

dame viv

Not unlike those weeks where you find yourself wearing the same sartorial gem over and over again, a kind of mini obsession that lasts until the next one comes along, I'm finding myself in mini obsession with Dame Vivienne Westwood. Again. 

I've never hid my appreciation for the often left of centre English designer, not just because of her rich archive of work - some of which I would kill to have in my wardrobe - but also because I find her honesty and willingness to include her other passions, like the environment, into her work. She doesn't pretend that fashion lives inside a bubble with no reference to the outside world. Plus, she's just so bloody cool.

The most fascinating discovery in this latest round of infatuation is this stellar three part series on YouTube, titled Painted Ladies. A discovery of fashion through art across centuries, and an insight into the influence of art on Dame Viv's designs. 

Well worth a watch: Part One, Part Two and Part Three

kb xx