Thursday, October 24, 2013

a good hair day.......

 Shirt: Cotton On Mens / Pants: Sportsgirl / Shoes: Siren

I was having a really good hair day last Friday week. But I was too tired to appreciate it.

It got me thinking, later of course, after my brain and body had had time to sleep, about how often good hair and good sartorial choices seem to appear when we are thinking least about them.

Friday morning I so desperately wanted to crawl back under the covers and sleep for another twelve hours. Instead I got up and shuffled off to work. I happened to take a quick glance in my rear-view mirror and if not for the fact I was already parked, I probably would have crashed my car. Damn my hair was looking good. 

And damn I could hardly summon the energy to think that. I did tweet it though.

It's like that lazy Sunday afternoon when you throw on the closet things you can find, hoping to avoid all unnecessary human contact and spend the day reading and eating popcorn....oh is that just me?

Instead, what you find is every person who you see compliments your outfit. Because, of course, when trying to avoid human contact you find yourself, in fact, surrounded by members of the species.

It's like when you're not thinking about it, when you're not considering the chances of streetstyle fame, when you're not wondering if ADR would approve, you can actually get it so right. So you.

I haven't studied near enough psychology to work through this in any kind of real way. But here's my thoughts.

The less you think about it, the truer it is to you.

Simplistic? Yes. Somewhere in the vicinity of having some truth attached to it? Maybe. Will this new found realisation stop me standing half dressed in front of my wardrobe pondering what sits and hangs before me like it's my freakin' hobby? Yeah, nah. 


*These shots are a re-enactment of sorts, too tired to take ones on the actual good hair day!