Thursday, October 10, 2013

hanging by a chain.......

 Shirt: Vintage Wrangler / Jeans: Dotti / Sunglasses and Chains: ASOS

Accessories have, for me, always been ornamental. Extras, toppings, things that don't offer much more then something sparkly or shiny or nice to look at. And most days I struggle to do much more then wear a watch and the earrings that are seemingly melded to my ears. And even then, once I start tapping away at this keyboard I'm at right now, the watch gets booted and I'm down to the earrings.

I know Coco said we should always take one thing off before leaving the house, she was clearly opposed to the over accessorising movement, (I'm looking at you arm party), but surely my non ornamental look is taking it a bit too far. If I have to take one thing off, I'd be likely heading out sans pants.   

But I think I've finally found an accessory that meets both the aforementioned criteria, shiny and nice to look at, and somehow gets around my apparent aversion.

Sunglasses chains. Or as I like to call them, Nana chains. Cause, you know, my Nan wears them. I'm hooked, another pair are on their way to me now. And I'm scoping out optometrists to score a clear plastic pair. Which reads so much weirder then it sounds in my head.

At first I tried to pass off my chains as a kind of retro throwback, but then it dawned on me why I've been able to jump that hurdle of aversion and embrace the chains. They're useful. Yes, they serve a purpose. More then any arm party or knuckle ring ever could.

Accessories with purpose, that is my kind of fashion.