Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Philo rocks my world.......

I'd imagine by now you've seen the Celine Spring 2014 collection?

So you know that Phoebe Philo is a shoe whisperer then?

Cast your mind back to Spring 2013, remember those fur covered flat slides, reminiscent of a cross between a Birkenstock and an old school Adidas shower slide? Yep, well they spawned the Birkenstock obsession that currently has the whole world gripped with rapt admiration.

Of course she did it again with the chunky platform wedges of pre-fall 2013. And then yet again in Fall 2013 with the minimalist, bordering on severe (ok severe), boots in all the colours of the rainbow. Providing, of course, that your rainbow featured grey, burgundy, black, taupe and chocolate brown.

But she has really tripped my switches with this collection.

A mash up of chunky architectural heels, half circles and silver spheres in everything from black, chocolate brown and an old school yellow-taupe leather, to purple suede and a tweed/tartan hybrid that has me chomping at the bit - or more accurately my credit card.

I've no idea how she does it, and frankly I don't care to know. Details tend to spoil the magic, and I'm all about the magic. So keep the specifics fuzzy and just throw the shoes my way, all of them.