Tuesday, October 08, 2013

(Y)SL redux.......

I'm loath to add yet more words to the seemingly never-ending chatter about Hedi Slimane, (Y)SL, Saint Laurent and even Yves himself. But, I have opinions, like some people have feelings, and I also like to share. And tendencies like that will overwhelm any sense of loathing all day every day.

So here's the thing, I was never a Hedi hater. And I'm not now. While I may have felt a little sadness when the Y was dropped, I quite liked Slimane's debut collection for Saint Laurent with it's wide brimmed hats, pussy bow blouses, cigarette pants and yards and yards of sheer. And while the grungy nineties Courtney Love rocker looks he sent down the runway for Fall 2013 weren't exactly my game, ok maybe the tartan was, I was partial to quite a few looks. And now with Spring 2014 and Slimane's insistence on time travel, there are, again, quite a few looks that I like.

Of course, there are plenty of critics.

But what's happening with Slimane and Saint Laurent right now seems to be a collision of high fashion and retail. Because as much as some critics may be lambasting what Slimane is doing, the clothes are reportedly flying off the shelves. Slimane's version of Saint Laurent is garnering many a fan. A fan prepared to part with significant dollars to wear his threads.

And high fashion or not, isn't that the aim of the game?

I have to wonder if some of the finger pointing and head shaking is coming from a place where fashion, particularly high fashion, is not supposed to appeal to the masses. Is the Hedi hate fueled by a little of that fashion snobbery that might just linger along the Tuileries? Maybe, maybe not. All I know is those eighties inspired shoes have buy me written all over them.