Monday, June 24, 2013

style me sportsgirl.......

The first thing I notice when I walk into the Sportsgirl Style Me Studio at the Bourke St Mall store is the brilliant turquoise walls. Ok that was the second thing, the first was the rack of delicious treats lined up for me by my personal stylist for the morning, Jordana. After I dragged my eyes off the threads I did notice the turquoise though, along with the big comfy looking couch/day bed, the jewel encrusted skull hanging over the fireplace and the extra big changing room.

I haven’t had anyone pick out my clothes for me for nearly twenty years. Over the formative years of my teenage life, my fashion identity revealed itself to be slightly bi-polar, I think it still is a little. Call it trial and error, call it experimentation, either way what I like and what I wear is a mash up of a whole bunch of experiences and influences and inspirations, all of which was, and still is, impacted by my geographic location and bank balance.

My organic approach to style means that I’d never considered roping in a personal stylist. Despite my proclivity to chop and change I figured I had a pretty good handle on me and what works on me. But when I happened across the Sportsgirl Style Me Studio sessions a few weeks ago I figured why the hell not. It’s always good to get a second opinion right??

So back to the rack of delicious threads. After filling out a quick email questionnaire a few days before my appointment, Jordana has compiled a great mix of pieces, most of which would slot right into my wardrobe a little too easily. She must by psychic.

We start with a quick run through of the looks Jordana has pulled together and then it’s straight into that glorious changing room and off with my kit! And back on with some killer gear of course.

Gear like that AH-Mazing beaded Balmain-esque jacket, what a stunner. It may or may not be making it's way to my wardrobe. Who am I kidding, it definitely is.

There's no pushy sales tactics, no pressure to buy buy buy. I feel like I'm hanging out with a mate trying on clothes and chatting away. Of course my 'mate' just happens to be a stylist.

A stylist who is as open to suggestions as she is full of great ideas. When I don't feel something is working for me, Jordana is quick to swap it out for something else and darts out into the store a couple of times to grab the pieces we both decide are missing.

The beauty of these sessions is that your stylist doesn't know you so their choices are free of any historic influence. Plus the privacy means you can be comfortable trying things on that you would normally saunter right on by, hello leggings!, having already deemed them outside your style or look. 

I came away from the session with some great threads, naturally, but also with some new thoughts on my own style and some new ideas that I can totally rock. Thanks to my amazing stylist Jordana of course!


Sportsgirl runs Style Me Studio's at the following stores:

Bourke St, Melbourne City

Chadstone, Melbourne

Pitt St, Sydney