Sunday, June 02, 2013

thoughts on espadrilles.........

the kirby bee thoughts on espadrilles chanel

Everyone is talking about espadrilles, particularly those with that very famous double C, and I feel like it’s 1998 again and I’m the only kid without a Tamagotchi. Except this time I don’t think I want a Tamagotchi.

If it’s not clear to you by now, I’m a shoe girl. Frankly how that could be any less then crystal is a little worrying, but I digress. I’m into shoes, but I’m just not into espadrilles. I’m cowering slightly as I write that, waiting for this monumental whiplash of words from all that is fashion. But they’re so chic, so on trend, so with it right now, Chanel has them so Karl has obviously given them the seal of approval, imagine all that said in a whiny voice and you’re hearing what I’m hearing.

I just can’t get on board. And worse, I can even give you a specific reason why.

I’ve been wondering about my lack of desire since they first started popping up all over that true barometer of fashion, Streetstyle. And all I can come up with is a couple of maybes.

Maybe it’s the fact that they are so ubiquitous right now, everyone has them in some form or another. But then that saturation of trend hasn’t stopped me buying nearly ever conceivable style of clothing in camo print. So maybe it’s not that.

Maybe it’s the connotations of beachy holidays and sand and ocean and surf and all those things that just aren’t me. That’s probably going to get my Australian citizenship revoked. It’s not that I really dislike the beach, there’s just a handful, or two, other places I’d rather be. Unless it’s a cold and wintery day, then the beach is pretty rad.

the kirby bee thoughts on espadrilles chanel

It’s possibly a combination of these or even none of these at all. Perhaps I had a bad experience with an espadrille as a child, and my brain in all it’s glory has blocked said painful experience from memory. Possibly even a combined beach/espadrille thing and that’s why I can’t get on board the beachy wagon either.

Oh the possibilities.

Whatever my reason, it’s safe to say my apparent disinterest surely won’t be harming this 4000 year old shoe. Of course I reserve the right to completely change my mind at the drop of a espadrille, with absolutely no reason what so ever, such is my prerogative of course!

What are your thoughts on the espadrille, good, bad or ugly?


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