Wednesday, June 26, 2013

oh my shoes: fendi shoe boot........

It's quite possible that everything I write down here under this picture is completely superfluous. You don't need me to wax lyrical about all the geometric, modern yet with a distinctly eighties vibe, incredible gorgeousness of this Fendi shoe boot.

Or do you?

I happened across the sister to this here stunner a little while back and while stalking Far Fetch, my newest online shopping obsession, just the other day I found this and all thoughts of the sister vanished immediately.

Imagine the possibilities if this shoe were hanging around my wardrobe. Imagine how awesome everything I ever thought to wear would look with this chunk of shoe porn swinging off my feet. Oh just imagine.

Imagine, as I will be, as even at thirty percent off the eight hundy price tag is just a little outside the realm of possibility in my world, at the moment anyway. Perhaps one day Fendi shoe boot and I will meet again in more prosperous times and we'll become the best of friends. It's destiny surely.