Tuesday, July 02, 2013

crop it like it's not.......

the kirby bee crop it like its not crop top
In the words of the the one and only Snoop Dogg, ok I may have fiddled with his original words, but regardless it’s time to crop it like it’s not! Yes, the crop top has cropped up again. While some might say it should have stayed buried in the nineties, the current grunge revival means that it's back baby.

Eeek! Yes I know, the thought of baring my own white and not exactly toned tummy is just slightly scary to say the least. To say the most would be terrifying and absolutely not happening. Sure I may be a strong woman who knows my own mind but that doesn’t mean I’m in love with everything I got going on here folks.

Plus there’s that living in the southern hemisphere thing I have going on too. Which means I’m just kicking off what should be a nice and chilly winter. Not exactly prime stomach baring time, if there ever is such a time.

But don’t let the whiteness of my belly and the impending cold pressure systems discourage you from wading into the murky waters of the crop top phenomena. And murky they are, don’t let those non smiling models fool you.

Murky because there are so many fine lines in the world of crop tops. Veer too far one way and you’ll look like you’ve just left the gym and forgot to, you know, put on a top. Too far the other and you might resemble a pre-teen testing out her first non-underwire bra. Fine if you are a pre teen, not so if your teen days are nearly a decade behind you.

So what’s my magical link, the most important element, the key!

It’s to layer, yes layer. Like onions yeah, layers. That’s take your crop top and throw it on over something else, any variation of a tee is perfect. Now you’re on trend, warm, and not scaring folks young and old with the almost translucent skin stretching across your abdomen. That last one might just be me.

Everyones a winner!

If, like me, you're just too excited to get this happening to wait to and do something sensible like buy a crop top, just take to any old singlet you have lying around with a pair of scissors! Snip, snip, done and wear. DIY at it's finest.

the kirby bee crop it like its not crop top diy crop top

the kirby bee crop it like its not crop top diy crop top two