Tuesday, July 23, 2013

a better high than buying.......

the kirby bee a better high than buying full bw
the kirby bee a better high than buying close up bw

the kirby bee a better high than buying side bw
the kirby bee a better high than buying back bw

Renew, rejuvenate, refresh. It’s often a better high than buying.

This past weekend in moment of madness, bought on by needing/wanting, (in my head anyway), a specific item that my wardrobe didn’t have and having no time to go find one, I chopped off the arms of jacket that had been sitting in my wardrobe for a little while. It was probably on the verge of being asked to leave, despite surviving the wardrobe cull of 2013, but suddenly it has a pass to hang around a little longer.

So of course I threw it on with some rad Zoe Karssen, a little tartan and some faux leather slouchy pants from Sportsgirl, cause that's how I roll. Check out those Balmain-esque eighties power shoulders, scary and sexy all at once.

Feeling inspired by this moment of DIY, I pulled a few pieces out of my wardrobe, (more survivors - did I actually get rid of anything?), that hadn’t seen the light of day in a while and did what I do, I dyed. Not literally, I mean I put the clothes in a big pot full of artificially coloured hot water. From red and coral to navy and black. Of course feeding my emerging obsession with a colour palette firmly stuck on black and white, grey and navy and khaki, with denim, of course.

In an age of fast and faster fashion, of thirty second trends, of it bags, brand blindness and keeping up with whoever the hell you so desire, taking something old and making it new again gives me a strange sense of satisfaction. Like I’m bucking the trend, like I’m making a stand against mass consumerism for the sake of consumerism. It's the same feeling of satisfaction I get from finding a killer piece while op-shopping, guess it's the thrifty gal in me.

Of course then I remembered the lines on my credit card statement reading Net-A-Porter and ASOS from only a few short weeks ago. Maybe I’m only making half a stand. A crouch maybe. Hey it's a start.