Sunday, July 21, 2013

oh my shoes: zanotti cowgirl.......

Oh Mr Zanotti, you got me, you got me good.

Before we get into a debate about the pros and cons of cowgirl boots, pros are plentiful and cons are negligible just in case you were wondering, let's take a moment to just appreciate what we have before us.

I don't know if my admiration for this cowgirl-esque boot is due to the fact that I'm currently engrossed in studying the film genre of, and watching probably too many, Westerns. Is my repeated exposure to the likes of John Wayne, James Stewart and Clint Eastwood and their respective sartorial footwear choices now spilling into my own? Am I so focused on frontier life that I somehow think I actually need a pair of colourful nappa leather boots with a concealed heel and gold, yes gold, adornments? Boots that cost close to two thousand bucks, well do I?

Perhaps I just have an overarching respect and desire for the glorious work of Giuseppe Zanotti, aka shoe god. And look why wouldn't I, he creator of the avant garde heel-less heel. That's what I'm calling them, it's quite long winded but it works. If you've happened across any of his work for AW2014, you'll most likely understand. I'm talking fringe work, serious spikes, silver and gold foil boots, gold stars, khaki lace up peep toe booties and some killer white stiletto boots. If you don't know what I'm talking about I suggest a quick, (or long), visit here.

Or maybe I just like shoes, especially really really cool ones. Ones with red and green and black and white leather. Oh the things we could do together.

Shit I forgot the debate, feel free to have it in the comments.