Tuesday, July 09, 2013

breaking up is hard to do........

the kirby bee cocnut oil close up hair beauty
Yes, the rumours are correct. Everything you've read and heard and whispered about. It’s all true.

Coconut oil and I......we've broken up.

I’d like to say it wasn’t acrimonious but I’d be lying.

Things started out well. I even drafted a blog post proclaiming my love, thank whoever the hell you want for that not being posted. After a really nasty fling with another oil that shall remained unnamed, I turned to coconut oil. Ok I rebounded to coconut oil.

But coconut oil was to be my salvation. It had been lauded as a miracle skin whisperer. As a miracle hair whisperer. As just a miracle in general. All of this I got from the exhaustive research I of course undertook, as one should when deciding to try something new on their face. Naturally this research took place on twitter, as all good research does. Right?

Hashtag coconut oil. Hashtag fail.

Now I did my damnedest to give old coconut oil a fair go. I really did. Despite my inability to commit to real life relationships I’m pretty good with persevering when all signs point to stop that shit with things like makeup and skin care. On reflection that’s actually a really bad thing. Though I did take that face mask off straight away when it started burning. Burning is never a good thing.

But alas, despite my desire for things to work out, they’re just not going too. And there is really only one reason why.

My fringe does not like coconut oil.


Because coconut oil makes my fringe an oily mess that consistently needs to be pinned back, thing is she doesn’t look real pretty when she’s not shiny and soft. My fellow fringe wearers will attest that the best fringe is a freshly washed one, or even better; day two fringe. But a fringe with a fine sheen of oil ain’t pretty, even when accompanied by a sweet coco-nutty scent.

Now me and my fringe have been together for a long while now. We've been through a lot, bad haircuts and good haircuts, bad colours, an acceptance and embracing of our natural colour, and that old nemesis: windy days. We’re firm friends, ain’t nothing coming between us.

So it’s over. I’ve returned to my old faithful moisturiser. Dermatologist approved and scent free. And my fringe and me are talking* again.

the kirby bee coocnut oil hair beauty australia

As for the coconut oil. I’m not sure. It’s still here and I haven’t the heart to throw it out when it has nowhere else to go. I’ve considered using it to cook up something tasty, but it feels really wrong to throw something in the pan after I’ve been slathering it on my face.

Your thoughts on coconut oil? Tried it? Loved it? Disliked it? Some fabulous alternative? Tell me everything.....please?


*I’m not really talking to my fringe, it’s just a figure of speech guys. Maybe.